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Giftping is a great way to send personalized messages to your friends and family all over the world. It's super easy to use and it's perfect for special occasions and events.

Easy to modify:
With our Giftping apps, you can make and distribute personalised gifts in a few easy clicks.
Extreme security: gives up-to-the-minute details on the whereabouts of your gift and the expected time of reception.
Customer Support:
To learn more about our goods and how to use our services, contact our helpful customer care team.
Creative Design:
Make amazing gifts with our easy-to-use interface.

Technologies we use

Real-time monitoring

Stay on top of your day-to-day life while we make sure your gifts arrive when they are expected. Our package delivery services are simple to manage and deliver outstanding results.You can check the status of queues and channels in a queue manager in real-time. The info you get back is accurate at the time the command was sent.There are several commands that, when executed, return the status of queues and channels in real-time. The amount of information returned can vary depending on the number of queues or channels.

Fast and easy payments

All transactions are processed expeditiously to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service.Easy Payment Service makes it super easy for you and your shoppers to pay for their purchases quickly and easily.A faster checkout process provides your customers with a more efficient checkout process—reducing the number of queuing customers for small transactions.

Quick Messaging

Contact our dedicated support team to learn more about us, what we are and how to access our services.Quick messaging is a form of text communication in which two people engage in a single conversation on a computer or mobile device within an online chat room.The primary difference between email and quick messaging is the speed of the exchange of information.

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