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Last Updated on June 29, 2023

Who We Are

As a software development & consulting company with more than 20+ IT experts in India, DSPL is your digital presence. You are currently visiting our website. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience while visiting our website, to share the information you are interested in, to answer your questions, and to ensure the smooth functioning of our website so that you do not have to worry about anything. We cannot do all of this without your support, which you are providing to us by providing us your personal information. We understand that your personal information is very sensitive, which is why we have developed this privacy policy which details every aspect of how we deal with your personal information.

What Personal Data We Collect

DSPL collects data to provide you with direct feedback about our services. While some of this information is provided directly to you, such as when you fill out the Contact us form, other types of data are collected through technologies like cookies and the collection of error messages or use data from your device’s installed software. You have the right to opt-out from the collection of this information. If we request personal information from you, you may opt-out. If you opt-out from providing information that is necessary for providing a service or delivering a feature or providing feedback, you may not be able to use that service, feature or provide feedback.

Why We Collect Personal Data

DSPL’s collected data are used to send communications such as:-Promotional communications,Advertising,Website visitor statistics,Technical website troubleshooting,Website user experience improvement,Privacy.We have technological and process controls in place to avoid data breaches.For example, we store information that we collect directly or indirectly from you, including:-Your Name,Your Email or Phone Number, Company Name. You can also subscribe to an email subscription and choose whether you want to receive email, SMS, Mail or phone promotions.

Why We Share Personal Data

Your information will be sent to our Development Center, which will process your application. The Development Center is required to adhere to our Data Privacy and Data Security requirements and shall not use personal data obtained from us for any other purpose than those described above. To ensure an adequate level of protection for the personal data you provide to the Development Center, any obligations imposed by the latter are set out in an Agreement between you and DSPL. If personal data is processed on your behalf by a third-party agent in a manner contrary to the principles outlined in this Agreement, DSPL will remain liable unless we are able to prove that we are not responsible for the event that resulted in the damage.

Cookies & Similar Technologies

DSPL uses cookies and similar technologies to provide online services and to collect data. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to a user's device. The content of a cookie is usually just a string of letters, numbers, and other information that tells the user's computer who they are. However, a cookie can also contain other information.We use cookies and similar technologies for a number of different purposes, including:-Security-> We use cookies to protect our websites and services from fraudulent activity and misuse.Storing information on a website-> When you sign up for a DSPL service, your information is stored in a cookie. This allows us to track what you have signed up for

Notice to End Users

DSPL's purpose is to provide its services to organizations. The use of your website by DSPL may be governed by the policies of your organization, if applicable. In the event that your organization is responsible for the use of your site by DSPL, please direct any questions regarding your privacy to the administrator of your organization. It is important to note that DSPL does not assume any responsibility or liability for any privacy or security measures taken by our clients, which may vary from those outlined in this Privacy Statement. If you are using an email address assigned to you by an organization, such as your employer or educational institution, the domain owner (for example, your employer) assigned to your email address is able to access and process the data associated with it, including the content of communications and files.

How We Secure Your Data

We use a variety of security technologies and processes to protect your information from unauthorized access. For example, we store the personal information you provide to us on restricted computer systems and in secure environments.

How We Change this Privacy Policy

We will update this privacy statement from time to time to reflect changes to its terms or customer feedback. When we post changes to this Privacy Statement, we update the "last updated" date at the top of the Privacy Statement. Important changes to the Privacy Statement will be communicated to you in the form of a notice before they take effect or through direct notification.

How to Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any queries or concerns regarding the protection of your personal data. Please contact us by e-mail at "" and we will respond within 30 days.