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Typical roles in DSPL's Desktop App Development Projects

Business consultant
Examine business requirements, outline the scope of the project, compose high-level desktop application requirements, participate in the development of a project management plan.
Project Manager
Develop a project management strategy, create comprehensive documentation, track development outputs and timeframes, lead the project team.
Software/Systems Architect
Assists in creating comprehensive documentation, overseeing architectural and engineering aspects of a desktop application development project.
UX Designer
Expertise in conducting user experience research, creating user experience wireframes and refining them during user experience testing.
UI Designer
Transfers UX wireframes to UI design mockups and troubleshoots mockups until they're ready for final approval.
Software Developer
Deliver the desktop application's code, conduct a code review, resolve problems on QA's notifications.
DevOps Engineer
Provides automation services for the development and deployment of a desktop application.
QA Specialist
Run tests to make sure the application is up to project quality and SRS standards, keep track of testing results.

Outsourcing Desktop App Development with DSPL

Cost reduction

DSPL’s developers help to reduce project costs by 50% or more by utilizing cross-platform tools and Agile methodology, as well as development best practices.

High-end results

Our desktop applications have been commended by the BBC and The Telegraph, are in use by billions of people around the globe, and simplify the workflows of businesses in more than 30 industries.

Full transparency

We mutually agree on a set of project-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI), provide weekly demonstrations, and grant access to Jira to enable you to monitor the progress of your project.

Check out DSPL's expert desktop app development services!

DSPL has been providing professional consulting services for the development and deployment of desktop applications for more than 8 years.

Consulting on desktop app development

  • Desktop app functional scope definition.

  • Metrics of Project Success for Stakeholders.

  • Long-term app evolution plan.

  • Risk management plan.

  • Helping with technology stack definition and methodology selection.

Desktop App Development Service

  • Exploring business needs and app scope.

  • Functional Software Requirements Planning

  • Architecture Design for Desktop Apps

  • UI/UX Design.

  • Desktop app development and QA.

  • Support and evolution

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