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Our Mobile Application Development Services

Legacy App Modernization

Our agile and robust legacy application modernization solutions are designed to help organizations begin their digital transformation journey. We assist organizations in transforming their existing application portfolio by implementing cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) business models through extensive automation.


Connect to the decentralized world with our blockchain application development services. Develop business models based on cutting-edge decentralized blockchain networks using our deep experience across all leading blockchain platforms including Corda/Ethereum/Solidity and more.

iOS App Development

As an all-in-one iOS app development firm, we create feature-rich, interactive iOS apps for all of Apple’s devices. Our experienced iOS app developers will support you every step of the way, from selecting the right technology stack to creating an immersive UX to providing iOS app testing and support services.

Android App Development

DSPL designs and develops cutting-edge futuristic mobile applications for all types of Android devices around the world. Our experienced Android App developers bring together a unique combination of technologies to create and maintain Android apps for your clients.

Native and cross-platform solutions

Enable your business with robust and scalable native and cross-device development. Whether you want to reach a wide audience on multiple devices and platforms, or create apps for particular devices and mobile application platforms, our developers will take care of all your needs.

Second platform app development

It is no longer necessary to sacrifice one platform for another due to financial constraints. Regardless of whether you have an iOS application and are searching for an Android app or the other way around, we can utilize existing user interface and application programming interface (API) to construct the 2nd application for you, allowing you to reach a wider audience while staying within your budget.

UI/UX Design

Combining industry-specific design trends, end-user requirements, and UX best practices, we create a user-first interface and a visually stunning customer experience for your app.

Consulting & Prototyping

From business intelligence, technology selection, prototype design, user feedback, UX/UI development, and market testing to ensure the success of your mobile app development, our Consulting and Prototyping solutions cover it all.

Automated QA & Testing

Create bug-free mobile applications that deliver a high-quality user experience that translates into improved user experience and retention.Our test automation specialists provide Android and iOS app testing services to validate smooth operation, performance, and app compatibility.

Power management, notification & geofencing

Get started with geofencing apps to increase sales and engagement. Our experienced developers integrate geofencing APIs or SDK with your existing software so you can reach mobile users by triggering geofence notifications, geofence alerts, or geofence event in-app.

Embedded Android Development and Customization

DSPL has a wide range of domain expertise and provides high-end Embedded Android and AOSP customization services to clients all over the world. We are the best in providing Android operating system customization for Android & Linux systems at every level, including, but not limited to, HAL & driver, platform & hardware, framework & applications.

Maintenance & Post Warranty Support

Keep your mobile app competitive, reliable, and safe at all times with our Mobile App Support & Maintenance services. From bug fixing, new feature deployment, OS and library upgrades, UI/UX improvements, and performance improvements.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Conduct App Discovery Workshop

App discovery workshops allow us to get a better understanding of our client’s vision and needs, and identify the most important functionalities and features of the app, along with the most user-friendly interface and tech stack that best suits your product idea. Based on this blue print, our developers implement your vision and build the best asset for your long-term product idea.

It is essential to thoroughly comprehend one's expectations regarding the visual appearance of the application.

Examine the user interface, functionalities, user experience, and technical implications of the application.

Designing a solution and developing an end-to-end app prototype.

App Development Consultation

The purpose of mobile app development consulting is to provide expert advice in mobile development projects. With 8 years of experience in mobile application development experience, DSPL provides mobile app compatibility advice, mobile app audits, mobile app modernization plans and new competitive app development from scratch.

Identify close competitors

Determine objectives and targets.

Let us know what you think!

Wireframing & Designing

Wireframing is the process of structuring a website service. Typically, a wireframe is used to organize content and features on a page that reflects user requirements and user journeys. Wireframes are created at a very early stage of the development process. They provide the foundation for a page’s structure before any visual design or content is added.

Prepare Blueprint structure

Wireframing each screen

Design App


Mobile app development is all about making software that runs on a mobile device. A typical mobile app uses a network connection to access remote computing resources.

Start coding the app

Layout main sections

Ask for your feedback


Testing is an essential part of app development. By testing against your app on a regular basis, you can validate the accuracy, performance, and usability of your app before releasing it to the public.Manually test your app by going through it. For example, you could use different platforms and emulators, modify the system language, try to create every user error, or go through every user flow.

Conduct Application Testing

Make it 100% bug free

Ask for your final approval


Mobile app deployment refers to the process of making an application available to an external or internal user interface. In the former case, this involves the implementation of the application in a production environment, where it can be tested and evaluated. In the latter case, the application is released to the end user.

Deploy your app to your server and app stores

Ensure app availabilty for users

Type of Apps We Work For

Native Mobile App Development
We create easy-to-use, fully-functional, fast-loading, native mobile apps for Android phones, iOS phones, and Windows phones.
Hybrid Mobile App Development
Our award-winning hybrid app developers create engaging hybrid mobile apps that increase customer engagement. We use a variety of tools and frameworks, including React, Ionic, Phonegap and Sencha, among others.
Progressive Web App Development
As a premier progressive web application provider, we are pioneers in providing high-performance, robust, and lightweight Web Application Platforms (PPA) that are optimized for multi-device and multi-screen usage.
Android App Development
We create cutting-edge, future-proof mobile apps for all kinds of Android devices around the world. Our experienced Android App developers use a unique combination of technologies to create Android apps your customers will love and want to keep.
Wearables and Embedded Software
We can assist you in creating companion applications for a wide range of wearable devices and integrating them with exclusive peripherals or intelligent devices.

Technologies we use


Which is better between a native app and a hybrid app?

If you are looking for a smoother user experience and a faster loading experience, then a native application is the way to go. However, a native application will incur a higher cost. Conversely, a hybrid application is ideal for those with a tight budget and limited time to invest.

Is it possible to connect the existing CRM or website to the mobile app?

Yes, if you possess the API documentation for your current digital destination, you are welcome to provide it to us. Our mobile application developers will incorporate it into the application.

How to choose the right mobile app development company in India?

When you search for mobile app development companies in india, you will come across a lot of results. There are a few things you need to consider before making a decision. For example, you should look at the company’s work portfolio, get to know their experience, read their clients’ reviews, and most importantly, talk to the professionals to see if they can make your dream a reality.

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